Fingold and Fosbery Professional Corporation


Fingold and Fosbery Professional CorporationWith over 25 years of providing financial advice to individuals, Fingold and Fosbery Professional Corporation has a broad exposure to individual financial circumstances.

By combining our professional skills and breadth of experience, Fingold and Fosbery Professional Corporation provides valuable and objective financial guidance to an individual's particular financial situation.


You understand that prudent planning which minimizes capital gains and probate fees is directly related to the terms of your will.

We can review the terms of your will, explain the income tax implications and recommend various estate planning techniques to minimize income taxes, probate fees and reduce future post-mortem income taxes.

Marital Breakup

Marital breakups are stressful and the splitting of net family property involves current and future income tax implications for both spouses.

We can explain the splitting and valuation of assets, income tax and the components of the division of net family property. We will suggest options on maximizing the retention of net family property through minimizing income taxes.

Financial Plan Reviews

You have a financial plan laying out your investment strategies, insurance, and retirement options.

Without having any financial connection to any insurance and investment products we can analyze the projections, income taxes, investments and provide an objective and independent opinion.

Portfolio/Wealth Management

Your regular investment advisor statement reports are very detailed, but you wonder how one or more of your investment portfolios are really performing.

We will analyze your advances, withdrawals, investment gains, losses, management fees and reduce the information to one verifiable rate of return figure.

U.S. Real Estate

To avoid U.S. real estate capital gains, probate, estate and gift taxes, and Canadian income taxes, you are confused if you should take title to your U.S. property in a corporation, personally, trust or other form of ownership.

Each individual's particular situation and objectives are different. We can advise you based on your net worth and the value of your U.S. real estate, the most effective structure to take title to your U.S. property.

Personal Income Taxes

Your financial situation is more complicated now and by doing your own personal income tax return, you wonder if the savings is worth the risk of errors or other missed considerations or opportunities you did not consider.

Having prepared in excess of 10,000 personal tax returns, we address current tax law and conventions to optimize your current income tax savings and advise on long term tax planning strategies.