Fingold and Fosbery Professional Corporation


Fingold and Fosbery Professional CorporationYou are in business - always an exciting time and an ever-changing landscape for all involved. You know the business aspects of the marketplace and the vision for success.

However, periodically you need professional assistance in the financial disciplines of business.

For over 35 years Fingold and Fosbery Professional Corporation has worked with and assisted visionary entrepreneurs build their companies.

Learn about how our varied expertise can be of valuable assistance to your organization.

Initial financial risk assessment

You have conducted your preliminary research and enquiries regarding your planned business endeavour, but you are uncertain of the future financial picture....

We will translate your business concepts and strategies into a cash flow budget and goals to give you a future financial picture with a sensitivity analysis.

Information Systems

You need an accounting and management information system that records all accounting transactions as well as key performance indicators that management needs to track the performance of the business.... Software recommendations, systems structures, controls and balances.

We can recommend the appropriate accounting software applications in conjunction with other software applications used in the business information systems. We will structure the accounts, assist with information inputs, document and train your personnel.


You recognize that the businesses' capital structure is a combination of owners' capital and other lenders' debt.... Assistance in obtaining finance.

Banks and other types of lenders provide various forms of financing specific to the purpose of the financing requirement. We can assist in quantifying the terms, nature and timing of financing, writing business plans, prepare projected financials, cash flow statements and proposals to lenders.

E-Commerce Solutions Development

WEB based commerce can be a part of many business models which encompasses a host of challenges and risks....

We can assist in the integration of E-commerce transactions with establishment of controls, system integration, security, privacy and management information systems.

Income Tax Effectiveness

You need to know what the alternatives are for types of remuneration, timing, to who and how corporate taxes interface with personal income taxes....

We apply different income tax strategies for the early years of a developing business as opposed to those used in a developed and mature business. With over 25 years of income tax experience we can recommend the most suitable income tax strategy and structure for each business venture.

Business Mentoring

Business problems/issues periodically arise in the expanding, static and contracting stages of a businesses' life cycle, and you want to be able to solicit an objective point of view from a trusted business advisor who is knowledgeable with your specific business...

There is nothing like experience. We have provided services in a CFO capacity as consultants, external accountants and in a tax planning role to other accountants. We provide a wide range of perspectives and analytical skills that are invaluable to businesses throughout their life cycle.


On your own, or with a couple of business partners, you have expanded the company and you know the inevitable day will come when you transfer your business to others or family members...

We can assist with business and family succession planning in terms of valuation, income taxes, divestiture strategies and the practical elements of business transfers. We constantly work with income tax integration regarding personal, estate and corporate income tax.